Gold: The Story of Man’s 6000 Year Obsession – Episode 2. In episode 2 Grant looks at the gold markets and explains why ‘the gold price’ is different to ‘the price of gold’. We will look at how gold trades in traditional financial centres such as London and New York and travel East to Dubai, to see how gold is bought and sold in the real world – away from computer screens.

Grant will also examine some of the many conspiracy theories surrounding gold and ask the question; is the gold price manipulated and, if so, by who and why.

Finally, we will look to the future and ask the all-important question; will gold’s place at the centre of the financial universe continue and, if so, how will it change as governments, faced with mountainous debt piles, slowly tighten the noose of financial repression around their citizen’s necks. How does gold provide a possible escape route in times of financial stress?

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