“THE god OF THIS WORLD” is a biblical documentary 2021. This documentary exposes the lies of Satan’s heliocentric model of the “universe” & “space”, by explaining the shape of the earth according to God’s word in the King James Bible (KJV).

This new 2021 Christian documentary uses images, video, and audio recordings to explain questions about the earth we live on (biblically and scientifically) and exposes lies from NASA, their “space astronauts”, and science falsely so called.

This film (movie) answers questions about:

The rotation (circuit) of the sun, moon & stars (as well as their location within the earth).

If the moon is a planet that you can land on, or a ball of light (like a star).

The ends (corners) of the earth, also known as the ice wall.

If the earth is moving, or stable upon the pillars of the earth.

The location of size of hell.

We pray you will like & share “THE god OF THIS WORLD”, our biblical Christian documentary from 2021, to help others grow in the knowledge of the holy scriptures, and to exposes the lies and deceptions put forth through the god of this world.

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