Day 1 = Light day and darkness night

Day 2 = FIRMAMENT to divide the waters above and below

Day 3 = Dry land, seas, plants and trees

Day 4 = Sun, moon and stars

Day 5 = Sea creatures and flying creatures

Day 6 = Land animals, insects, man and woman

On day 2 God created the FIRMAMENT.

What is the FIRMAMENT?? The word is “RAQIA” from Strong’s Hebrews Concordance. Click link here.

What are the definitions of FIRMAMENT i.e. Raqia??

a) the vault of heaven, regarded by Hebrews as solid and supporting the waters above it

b) solid expanse as if beaten out

c) flat expanse as if of ice, as base and support

d) visible arch of the sky

e) it is stretched out by hammering, like goldsmiths beating out plates of gold metal

What does the FIRMAMENT looks like??

It is shaped like a dome. It is solid. It is strong to be able to support the waters above.

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