This took me a long time to research but the video is finally out! Wootrade is as professional as it gets – the founding members have incredible backgrounds and $WOO is backed by Kronos Research, a top High Frequency Trading / Market Making firm in crypto.

Wootrade is exciting because they have 3 products: Woo Dark Pools, Woo X, and Woo Ventures. All of which should accrue value to the $WOO token.

0:00​ Intro

0:48​ Fragmented Liquidity in Crypto

2:00​ Kronos Research

3:34​ Woo X & Zero Fee Trading

5:32​ Woo’s Gigabrain Team

6:20​ Woo Ventures

7:22​ Tokenomics

9:35​ Wootrade Performance & Roadmap

10:54​ Competitors

12:47​ Summary

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