There are some conditions to be met, before or during, when the anti-christ reveals and announces himself to the whole world. One of the requirements is for the one world government to be in place. That means many countries would give up their national sovereignty to join and to become part of the one world government.

Over the past few decades, they have called their plans for a one world government by different names. The most recognizable name is “NEW WORLD ORDER”. This is a catch phrase mentioned many times by the late George Bush Senior. See video. Other names for their plans are D E E P / S T A T E, C @ B @ L and globalist agenda. And most recently in 2020, the GREAT RESET.


Anti-christ would have to be in control of these 3 worldwide events

A) One world government — political control

B) One world religion — religious control

C) One world currency — monetary control

Why “One World Government” ?? Book of Revelation chapter 13 lays it all out very clearly.

Rev 13:3 “ALL THE WORLD wondered after the beast.” (political control)

Rev 13:7 “power was given him over ALL kindreds, and tongues and nations.” (political control)

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