Episode 4 Master Bear found the hidden passage into the castle room of crypto riches

The king is banished to the window. He looks upon the room in sorrow. He has lost his power and his wrench of crypto regulations is hanging by a thread.

Brad the knight doll has slayed the bird and the snake. But to do so, he barely survived the fight. He remembered his training, the way of the Jedi knights. The only way to destroy the bird and snake is to become the light. Hence Brad the knight underwent a golden transformation, a resurrection. Brad is no longer the dull greyish knight, he has metamorphosed. Like a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Like Neo coming out of the Matrix. Like the Hulk in permanent angry mode. Brad is now the knight of the golden light!!!

“Oh yessss, ohhh yes!! We have found the castle room of crypto riches!! These writings on the wall. Decipher those and we shall find the 24 seed words to the long-lost crypto ledger Nano X.” The disciples shouted with joy in their red and grey cloaks.

“The knight has trampled the snake upon his feet. The knight turned into gold. And we have found the golden key. The key of 589. We won!! We shall be rich!!” The red and grey cloaked disciples proclaimed with glee.

Thunk … thunk …. thunk!! Master Bear is hard at work. Chiseling away at the white marble stone. When will Master Bear finally complete his handiwork? Fear not. With the help of his mighty Thor the Ripple hammer, and the 3 Flare Spark Tokens upon his beret, the Master Bear will prevail.

“Persevere, my disciples, persevere!! Nothing can stop what is coming!!”

Meanwhile ……

The real mastermind is not ready to give up. High above their heads on the ceiling, the Lord Puppet Master still has 3 ace cards up his sleeves. And he is ready to release the kraken.

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