Episode 3 Master Bear reaches the castle, but how to get in?!?!

Master Bear and Brad the knight doll reaches the castle. The Owl departed, hooting “I have done my part. Good luck entering the castle. You need it!!”

“How do we enter the castle? We want the untold riches of money inside the castle. Show us the way in, Master Bear. Is there a hidden tunnel? Perhaps there is a secret doorway?” the eager disciples implored.

“Oh my gullible disciples!! It is not easy to enter the castle. See, it is guarded by 2 powerful creatures. Phoenix the bird and Ouroboros the snake. We must defeat the bird and the snake before the keys to the crypto kingdom is handed to us. We must show ourselves as worthy knights. We must slay the bird and the snake.”

“This is a mission for Brad the knight doll. See, Brad is fully armored. He, and he alone, have the powers to destroy the bird and the snake. Wait patiently, my hasty disciples, Brad needs time.”“According to the letter Q, there shall be 10 days of darkness. Brad the dark knight requires 10 days to defeat these evil creatures. After the 10 days of darkness, Brad shall not longer be dark. He shall turn light. His armor shall be bright. He becomes the knight in shining armor. Dark into light.”

“While waiting for Brad, Master Bear shall seek a counsel with the king on top of his castle. I shall converse with him. Perhaps we can negotiate and come to a common understanding. I do not wish to offend the king.”

Meanwhile ….

Unbeknownst to us, on the far right of the castle, there is the invisible hand again. His name is Lord Puppet Master. He wears business suits. He controls the world’s money. And he controls the puppets on a string. Maybe Lord Puppet Master holds the keys to crypto freedom???

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