Episode 2 Master Bear and his ship Perseverance

“The storm is upon us!! Master bear, save us all from the black clouds!!” the panic disciples shouted. “O ye of little faith!! Trust in the bear, I will prevail over the storm. See!! We have passed the storm. And the sun is shining down upon us.” Master Bear calmly said as he gazed upon the golden sun with his telescope.

The bear has brought his best friend along for the journey. “Say hi to your new friend, my loyal disciples.” The bear commanded, “Meet Christine the Owl. She is smart, powerful and has friends in high places.”

“Ehhh … hiii Christine … please to meet you” We said in unison. “Who is the Owl? Explain to us the great secrets of the Owl.”

“So many questions, so little time, my young Jedi. Learn you must. Teach I shall. See, the Owl is wise. The Owl has the power to see through the darkness. And she guides us towards the castle. For the castle is shrouded in darkness, in black background. We need her night vision eyes to locate the castle. Now with the Securities Exchange Commission SEC suing us, we need the Owl more than ever.”

“Persevere, my disciples, persevere!! For I have not named my ship Perseverance in vain. She guides us through the darkest of nights. For it is the darkest before dawn. With her magical powers, XRP will prevail and see the light of day.”

The king is not happy. For his scepter is broken and his iceberg is melting under the blazing sun. And his red wrench of regulations is frozen in the ice. I must stop the bear at all cost!!

Meanwhile …..

Brad the knight doll silently surveys the situation. The knight has not lost faith, his Excalibur sword is drawn out and pointing the way. Charge!! Full steam ahead!! We are almost at the castle. Thank Jeff Bezos for Amazon.

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