Episode 1 – Master Bear in his Christmas house

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, during the Christmas season. The bear is sitting comfy in his house, enjoying the warmth from his fireplace. The bear decorates his house with Christmas trees, Christmas stockings and Christmas gifts.

He even buy himself a life sized Brad Garlinghouse knight doll from Amazon, for $5.89 including shipping. Thank Jeff Bezos for Amazon. The bear loves Brad the knight doll, it is his favorite toy. The bear brings it with him for all his magical adventures throughout the land of ODL.

Here is the bear teaching us the hidden mysteries of XRP. “589!!” the bear whispered, “Repeat after me, 589!!” 589!! 589!! 589!! We chanted. We the disciples finally hear the bear uttering the mystical number.

The disciples ask the bear “Master Bear, where is this magical castle in your drawing board? Who is the king? Why are you standing next to the king?”

Master Bear replied, “Oh my devout disciples, why so many questions? I cannot tell you, but I can show you. Come, we shall embark on an epic adventure together. Eat your motion sickness pills, for we are going sailing!!”

Meanwhile …..

In the bottom right corner, a mysterious hand is spinning a wheel. Out comes all the other alt-shit coins. Who is this mysterious hand? His face is unseen, and his name cannot be revealed now.

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