Great video. Too many people believe the mainstream media and don’t think to question what’s being told to them. I like the calm presentation – whatever your political stance – try and watch with an open mind should you choose to watch. If you’re wanting to change other people’s minds – I can guarantee it won’t work if you have a pushy agenda and tell them why THEY are wrong.

Show facts (plant seeds) and trust that they’ll come around IF and WHEN the time is right for them. I lean quite conservatively and I feel this video aligns with the need to conserve our nation as it was founded. I feel our nation has drifted far from its proper values, far from a position of leadership and far from its potential for strength.

We must correct our errors. One Nation, Under God will indeed be indivisible and will align with the principles of Liberty & Justice FOR ALL. Whenever we drift from our founding intent, we drift from God. Whenever we drift from God, we drift from the founding intent of our beloved country. Many fall victim to dangerous ways of thinking because they are angry with the concept of God and with angry God in a more direct sense – they’re missing the heart and intent of God.

How to watch youtube

A) Watch at 1.5x to 2.0x playback speed

B) Turn on subtitles / captions

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