Christmas is not about Christ. They do come from pagan origins and now have become largely secular. What are the reasons??

Based on the book of Acts,

1) The early churches in the book of Acts do not mention about Jesus Christ’s birthday.

2) The early disciples in book of Acts do not celebrate Christ birthday. Instead they are told to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

3) Apostle Paul and his letters to the churches. Not once did he write anything on Jesus Christ’s birthday.

However, modern Christmas is so entrenched in most countries and churches that it becomes unavoidable. I have no issues with taking part, provided that

a) my purpose is not worship of a pagan entity

b) I’m not doing anything I’d consider anti-bible

My beliefs are these. If I am going to celebrate Christmas, do it in a way that do not stresses me. And do not give in to society’s demands if they causes me to stumble in my walk with God.

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