Sign #5 of T R U M P prophetic ministry. His full name is Donald John Trump. His initials are D J T.

D = 4th letter of alphabet

J = 10th letter

T = 20th letter

4-10-20 equals to April 10th 2020. For USA calendar format, it is month-day-year. What special biblical event happen on April 10th 2020? It is Good Friday. Good Friday celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And it occurred in 2020AD on April 10th.

No man can choose where he is born, which country he is born, the date of his birth, his parents nor his name. All these things are ordained by God before the foundations of the earth.

Is T R U M P really a prophetic messenger sent by God? How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? Unless God is in control and He had planned everything in advance. With God all things are possible.

More biblical signs of T R U M P to be revealed. To be continued.

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USA News | Part 9

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