Sign #4 of T R U M P prophetic ministry. T R U M P wins election on Nov 8th 2016. 7 years 7 months and 7 days earlier on April 1st 2009, it is first day of office for Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.

God uses numbers to speak to His people, especially His perfect number 7. This cannot be a coincidence to have that many 7s for T R U M P’s ministry. God has ordain T R U M P to be king over the most powerful nation in the world for His purposes and His reasons.

Is he the modern day prophet?Is he sent by the GOD YAHWEH to prepare for the end times?Is he the modern day John the Baptist to prepare the way of the Lord Jesus Christ for His second coming?

To calculate the accuracy of dates, follow this link.

More biblical signs of T R U M P to be revealed. To be continued.

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USA News | Part 8

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