In the study of 7 feasts of Israel, we have discussed the first 4 feasts. These first 4 feasts all occur in spring season. All these 4 feasts in the Old Testament have been literally fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

1. FEAST OF PASSOVER. Passover speaks of Christ shedding His blood to redeem His people.
2. FEAST OF UNLEAVENED BREAD. Unleavened bread speaks of time when Christ was dead between the Cross and His resurrection.
3. FEAST OF FIRST FRUITS. First fruits speaks of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
4. FEAST OF PENTECOST. Pentecost speaks of Jesus Christ pouring His Holy Spirit into His disciples and into His church.

The 4 feasts mentioned above are fulfilled by Jesus, both symbolically and literally during His first coming.

The final 3 feasts will be fulfilled by Jesus in His second coming.
5. FEAST OF TRUMPET refers to the end of the ages.
6. FEAST OF ATONEMENT refers to the Day of Judgment.
7. FEAST OF TABERNACLES refers to the day of resurrection of all saints.

The first 4 feasts are fulfilled by Jesus on the very days God told His people to celebrate them. The final 3 feasts are still ahead of us. We can be very sure that the remaining 3 feasts will likewise be fulfilled by the second coming of Jesus, in the future on their actual feast days.

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