PHOENIX = reverse spelling is XINEOHP. Take the 1st letter X and last letter P, we have XP. There is a USA blockchain company known as Ripple. They have a coin called XRP. XP + Ripple = XRP??

STELLAR = logo is similar to Stellar, another blockchain company from USA. Their coin is called XLM lumens.

LUMENS = measure of total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. Lumens means light, same meaning as FLEUR DE LIS.

CASH BURNING = Out of the ashes of burned cash, when we transition to a cashless society, the PHOENIX will be born again out of the ashes and obtains a new life. There will be a new light and new perfection with a new digital currency. This new digital currency will be based upon BITCOIN blockchain technology. The 2 most likely chosen COINS for the PHOENIX could be Ripple XRP and Stellar Lumens XLM.

Refer to post #67 # 67A #68

Other likely explanations for XRP and number 10.

“X” = Global/International symbol (ISO 4217)

“R” = Rising

“P” = Phoenix

10 = X [roman numerals]

10 = bits [1’s and 0’s in computer language]

10 = October [XRP goes live and launched in Oct 2018]

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