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“Bring into the ark two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with you. Two of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind of creature that moves along the ground will come to you to be kept alive” [Genesis 6:18–20]

Only living creatures [Hebrew word = nephesh] were to be brought on the Ark [Genesis 6:19–20, 7:2–3, 7:8–9]. Plants were transported into the ship for food consumption only. Apparently, after the flood subsided and dry land appear, trees and plants would begin to sprout and grow.

Noah only brought onboard baby versions of all animals. No adult animals. Baby animals take up less space on the ship!!! And they are easier to take care of. Imagine Noah taking care of fully grown adult giraffes and elephants.

No fishes and other sea organisms are brought into the ship. The sea creatures would do fine on their own. Although i think they would not have enjoy the turbulent seas!

On this list of living creatures includes
1. Birds of all kinds
2. Animals of kinds
3. Vertebrates such as rodents and lizards
4. Invertebrates such as insects [every kind of creature that moves along the ground]

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