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“Out of these troubled times a NEW WORLD ORDER can emerge. We have the opportunity before us to forge our ourselves and future generations a NEW WORLD ORDER. When we are successful and we will be, we have a real chance at this NEW WORLD ORDER.”
[George Bush Senior]

What is ONE WORLD? A favourite code word for their upcoming global governance system = New World Order [NWO]


1. One world [global] religion = false belief system [Rev 17:1-18]
2. One world [global] spiritual leader = false prophet [Rev 16:13, Rev 19:20]
3. One world [global] government = new world order [Rev 18:9-20]
4. One world [global] currency = worldwide monetary system based on blockchain / DLT [Rev 13:16-18]
5. One world [global] leader = [a n t i] [c h r i s t] [Rev 13:1-8]

Listen to the speech by [G e o r g e] [B u s h] talking about NWO on Sept 11th 1991 and on other multiple events. Yes 10 years, to the exact date, before Sept 11th 2001.

What happened on Sept 11th 2001?

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