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What is the RED CIRCLE? Lady gaga tells us what it is. See attached picture. Lady gaga has a red circle upon centre of her forehead.

What supposedly resides in centre of the forehead? The third eye. The eye of illumination. The eye of enlightenment.

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There are many photos of her making hand gestures of covering one of her eyes [to show ONE EYE]. This is a very common hand gesture in the world of Hollywood. Many “famous” singers, actors and actresses all do the same “ONE EYE” hand gesture. Don’t believe?? Go to google and search. It is all there on the internet. Occultic symbolism hidden in plain sight.

Why is EYE / EYES symbolism so prevalent? Again, everyone do remember this. Every single symbolism they used can be traced back to the bible. They take what is true, right and light in the Word of God. And they twist it to become lies, deception and darkness.

Where are eyes first mentioned in the bible? Right at the very beginning!!! When serpent made his first appearance in Garden of Eden. Read Genesis chapter 3. Now we know why they like ONE EYE so much and is so prevalent.


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