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First, wear my belt. Second, wear my breastplate. Third, wear my shoes.

Why shoes are the third equipment to wear? After putting on the first 2 items, I am now ready to walk with the shoes.

Where am I walking to? To walk to all nations to preach the gospel of peace.

Why walk? Because during Jesus’ times, there are no cars, no trains and no airplanes.


What are shoes used for? To stand firm. To have a firm grip. To be GROUNDED upon the Word of God.

What is the gospel? Forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ.

What is peace? From Greek word [eiréné]. Definition of one, peace, quietness and rest.


What is shoes of gospel of peace? In Ephesians chapter 6, Paul reminds me “to stand” 4 times. I stand with my feet. I stand using my shoes. Do not allow the enemy to shake me loose from standing firm. Do not allow the enemy to cause me to worry. When I stand with worry and anxiety, I am robbed of peace. When I stand with the shoes of the gospel of peace, I keep my feet standing firm and firmly anchored in Jesus Christ.

Thank you Lord Jesus for these shoes. Amen!!!

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