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WTI crude oil price plunges to minus -$37. First time in history. Yes, free crude oil for anyone who wants to take delivery.

Who is crashing the WTI crude oil market? Probably a coordinated efforts by the major oil countries, Saudi Arabia, Russia and USA.

Why are they crashing the oil market? To remove the present monetary system and transit to the new monetary system.

Present monetary system? Petro-dollar using USD as world’s sole reserve currency. Fiat paper money backed by nothing except the faith and credit of the US government.

New monetary system? Gold standard where sound money is backed by precious metals such as gold. Maybe combined with blockchain technology as new monetary system.

[To define the US dollar as a fixed weight of gold]

Watch video by Judy Shelton. What did she say? I liked the idea of a gold standard, where it could be used in a crypto-currency way …. unified money system …. international marketplace where everyone is playing on a level playing field.

Which is the most likely preferred crypto-currency to level the playing field? Ripple ODL / XRP.

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