Why [B]arack [O]bama has not come out to officially endorse Joe Biden for 2020 presidency?

Joe Biden is BO vice-president [VP] for 8 years. Because Joe Biden is not the chosen one. The real chosen one is yet to be revealed. Timing is everything. Optics are important. When it’s time, the real candidates shall be revealed.


1. Joe Biden picks [M]ichelle [O]bama as VP.
2. Mainstream media goes into frenzy mode 24/7. Singing praises this is a dream team and Trump will lose.
3. Joe Biden is a trojan horse. He drops out of presidential race, citing health and medical issues.
4. [M]ichelle [O]bama takes over and runs as P. BO will now officially endorse MO.
5. [H]illary [C]linton joins and runs as VP.
6. [D]onald [T]rump will counter and shows his trump card.
7. DT brings out JFK Jr as VP.

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