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God directed Jeremiah to hide the ark under Golgotha, so Jesus blood could run down to the ark’s mercy seat. God knew where Jesus would be crucified.

God is God. He sees the end from the beginning. He knows everything.

Ron was blessed. The Holy Spirit led him to all those amazing discoveries.

Ron Wyatt had to be a Levite priesthood. If you read in the first five books of the bible it says that only one of the tribe of Levi could touch the ark and not be killed. That also explains why those other people dropped dead that tried to go in there with him.

But how did Jeremiah know to hide the ark of the covenant in that very spot, the “obvious” hill of the skull, where Christ would be crucified 600 years later? In other words, if God orchestrated these supernatural logistics, He can also orchestrate closing up the rock bed so that no water ever got through.

His Blood is unique, His Blood is alive, His Blood has cleansing powers, His Blood has the power to save, heal, deliver, transform, change. Jesus is Alive.

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