Divergence in paper gold price versus physical gold price? Yes.

Why divergence (1)? Paper gold price is traded based on unlimited supply of paper fiat money. Ability by central bankers to short paper gold is also unlimited.

Why divergence (2)? Physical gold has limited supply. Only a certain amount is mined each year from the ground. You cannot print unlimited amounts of physical gold.

Why divergence (3)? Try buying physical gold / silver from bullion shops at spot prices today. You can’t. Supply down, demand up. In times of mass panic, humans return in huge crowds to buy real gold / silver.

Why divergence (4)? God design us that way, it’s human nature and intuition. Humans instinctively return to God’s money in times of crisis.



When is real start of multi-months powerful major bull market for gold? Q4 2020.

Links provided. Do your own research (DYOR).

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