New international monetary system
Gold standard coming back
Sound money shall once again be backed by gold

If sound money returns and sound money is 40% backed by gold, what would the price of gold be? Gold price calculated to be at least USD $10000.

If gold is USD $10000, what would silver price be? Using 1:20 gold / silver ratio, silver price would be about USD $500.

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Alternative view of gold / silver price. Go to

Gold = $16263
Silver = $1962

Gold price today, about USD$1600
Silver price today, about USD$15

Is gold / silver undervalued? Yes.
Why are gold / silver price so low? Manipulation.
Why manipulation? To allow people to keep using their fiat paper money. To retain control.
Is gold / silver going to win? Yes, gold / silver have a 5000 year track record.

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